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In a sun-oriented housetop framework, the sun-oriented boards are introduced in the top of any private, business, institutional and modern structures. This can be of two kinds (I) Solar Rooftop System with storeroom utilizing battery, and (ii) Grid Connected Solar Rooftop System.

Such housetop framework has battery as storeroom. The sunlight-based power is put away in the battery and can be used amid night likewise when the sun isn't accessible.

In matrix associated housetop or little SPV framework, the DC control created from SPV board is changed over to AC control utilizing power molding unit and is encouraged to the lattice both of 33 kV/11 kV three stage lines or of 440/220 Volt three/single stage line contingent upon the limit of the framework introduced at organization/business foundation or private complex and the administrative system indicated for separate States.

These frameworks produce control amid the day time which is used completely by controlling hostage loads and nourish overabundance energy to the matrix as long as lattice is accessible. On the off chance that, where sunlight-based power isn't adequate because of overcast cover and so on., the hostage loads are served by drawing power from the lattice.

Such housetop frameworks can be introduced at the tops of private and business complex, lodging social orders, group focuses, government associations, private organizations and so on.

The normal cost of framework associated housetop universes is about Rs. 80 for every watt or Rs. 8.0crore for each MWp limit.

There is an arrangement of Central Financial Assistance of 15% of the aggregate cost or Rs. 12 for every watt or Rs. 1.20 crore for every MWp under the Grid Connected Rooftop and Small Solar Plants Program of the Ministry. This CFA has been decreased from 30% to 15%.

There are arrangements of concessional import obligation/extract obligation exclusion, quickened devaluation and expense occasion for setting up of framework associated housetop control plants.

Branch of Financial administrations has educated to all Public-Sector Banks to energize home advance/home change credit searchers to introduce housetop sunlight-based PV plants and incorporate cost of framework in their home advance recommendations. Up until this point, nine PSBs to be specific Bank of India, Syndicate Bank, State Bank of India, Dena Bank, Central Bank of India, Punjab National Bank, Allahabad Bank, Indian Bank and Indian Overseas Bank have offered directions to expand advance for Grid Interactive Rooftop Solar PV Plants as home credit/home change advance.

The housetop heavenly bodies from 1 kWp up to 500 kWp or in blend can be set up on the rooftops.

Around 10sq.m territory is required to set up 1 kWp framework associated housetop nearby planetary group.

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